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We often don’t give our ears the proper credit they deserve.

Our ears allow us to listen to our favourite music, hear and connect with our loved ones, and they even help us keep balanced on our feet!

Without clear and well-maintained ears, we are prone to a number of annoying, uncomfortable and sometimes even painful ailments, such as;

  • Ear infections;
  • Ringing ears and Tinnitus;
  • Impacted hearing;
  • Ear pain and itchiness;
  • A full sensation;
  • Dizziness and balance problems.

These issues can cause many struggles day to day, and negatively impact your quality of life. That is why it is so important to prioritise your aural hygiene and have your ears cleaned by a professional.

MicroClear Ears offer gentle and safe ear wax and object removal from the ears, using a painless and water-free method called Micro-suction.

What is Micro-suction?

Microsuction ear cleaning is the technique our nurse practitioner uses to remove earwax, foreign bodies or debris from ear infections. It is a gentle, water-free way and is the preferred method of ear wax removal by professionals. Microsuction is less widely available than other techniques such as ear syringing since the procedure requires specialist training and equipment.

Our nurse practitioner is trained and experienced in microsuction and will also provide education on aural hygiene. If an ear infection is found a treatment plan will be initiated immediately and a letter will be sent to your regular medical practitioner informing them.

A patient in a reclined position receiving a microsuction ear wax removal procedure

MicroClear Ears run regular ear cleaning clinics at our locations in Stepney, Adelaide and Broken Hill. Ear cleaning procedures are performed by a qualified and experienced nurse practitioner with no need for a referral.

Meet the Nurse Practitioner

Kathy Mitchell is a Nurse Practitioner who has completed a nationally accredited course in Micro Suction and Aural Hygiene as approved by Australian Skills Quality Authority.

Ear wax removal for blocked ears using microsuction

We use microsuction to remove ear wax and to clear blocked ears caused by ear infections. We dont use water irrigation.  MicroClear Ears has three convenient locations across Adelaide (Somerton Park and Stepney) & Broken Hill.

No referral required