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Preparing your child for microsuction ear wax removal

Microsuction is the gold standard for ear wax removal. It's gentle, safe, and water-free, making it perfect for kids! Here's some tips for a smooth procedure.

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How to get something out of you or your child’s ear

Getting something stuck inside your ear canal and being unable to get it out can be a stressful and sometimes even scary experience. Luckily for most cases, having something lodged in your ear isn’t typically a medical emergency.

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Everything you need to know before your Microsuction Ear Wax Removal appointment

Learn more about Microsuction, and what you should do in preparation for your microsuction ear wax removal appointments.

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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell inspecting a patients ear for wax and blockages

What tools are used for Microsuction Earwax removal?

Here’s a spotlight on some of the tools that make this safe and effective procedure possible.

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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell examining the ear canal of a reclined patient

Can Ear Candling clear ear wax?

Is Ear Candling all it's cracked up to be?

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A reclined person on their side with an offscreen hand placing a lit ear candle in their ear

Should you clean your ears?

When it comes to cleaning earwax out of your ears, you should be careful how you do it.

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A diagram of an ear being ruptured by a cotton bud to illustrate their dangers.

Hearing aids can cause ear wax issues

Everyone produces ear wax. It’s a healthy and important part of your auditory system, designed to help shift and remove dirt, dust, and...

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Close up of an ear with a small earring stud and a hearing aid

Why do my ears block up with wax?

Ear wax is not a sign of poor hygiene! Everyone makes ear wax, it is normal. The purpose of ear wax is...

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A woman with blonde hair putting a blue earplug in her ear

Hearing aids not working well? Micro-suction may be able to help!

Impacted ear wax might be the culprit, so it's a good idea to get your ears cleared of excessive ear wax...

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A closeup of a man with a hearing aid