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A closeup of a man with a hearing aid

Earwax builds up in your ears when you wear hearing aids, it cannot be helped. When this goes unnoticed it can result in your hearing aids not working optimally.

You may experience additional hearing loss caused by feedback (squealing hearing aids), muffled sounds and the hearing aid may no longer fit in your ear.

When wax builds up it stop sound from effectively traveling through your ear. It can block the sound waves sent from the receiver part of the hearing aid to the microphone. This bounces the waves back, causing feedback, a high-pitched noise that many find uncomfortable.

Your hearing aids are a valuable asset in more than one way, they help you hear better. When your hearing aids are working optimally you can communicate with those around you, enjoy TV or music and use a telephone.

Furthermore, earwax can clog parts of the hearing aid, such as vents and receivers, which stops it from working as effectively. The moisture present in earwax can also damage the hearing aid and corrode the battery, leading to more serious malfunctions down the line.

When it comes to cleaning earwax out of your ears, you should be careful how you do it. Trying to clean them using cotton buds or other small objects can be very dangerous, often leading to worse impactions. Other methods like ear candling can be even more dangerous, leading to burns.

For more information, get in touch with the MicroClear Ears team. We can remove earwax gently and safely and provide you with a management plan to help you keep your ears free of wax.

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