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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell examining the ear canal of a reclined patient

Here’s a spotlight on some of the tools that make this safe and effective procedure possible:


A speculum is a small plastic or metal funnel that is used to assess the ear canal for any blockages. The practitioner will gently place the speculum inside your ear canal to get a better look inside your ear.Small black tapered plastic funnel called a Speculum

Binocular Glasses

During the Microsuction procedure, the practitioner will wear binocular glasses fitted with a bright light attached. The light helps illuminate the ear canal so that the practitioner can see any blockages or impacted ear wax better.

Binocular Glasses with a light

Low pressure suction machine

Much like a very gentle version of your vacuum cleaner at home, the low pressure suction machine gently sucks ear wax, infective debris, or any foreign bodies out of the ear canal via a small plastic suction tube.

Low pressure suction machine with a pressure gage and a tube connecting to a container.

Tiny Metal Scoops

In addition to the plastic suction tube, the practitioner may use other instruments like tiny scoops to help dislodge and remove stubborn ear wax or foreign items.

3 different coloured small metal scoops that dislodge ear wax from the ear canal

These tools allow the practitioner to safely and effectively assess, and treat any ear blockage problems you may have. Microsuction allows for maximum visibility of the ear canal at all times, which reduces the risk of perforation of the ear drum or other ear injuries. The fact that these tools don’t require water means that microsuction is more suitable for those with ear infections, a ruptured ear drum, or a history of ear surgery.

MicroClear Ears looks forward to helping you with your ear clearing needs. We provide regular ear clinics in Adelaide; Stepney and Somerton Park, and in Broken Hill every 12 weeks. Book an appointment online or get in touch for more information today.

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