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A woman with blonde hair putting a blue earplug in her ear

The ear is a self-cleaning and maintaining organism. However, this mechanism becomes interrupted when hearing aid, hearing protection or music / mobile phone buds are used.

Things can go wrong, however, when people use earbuds or bobby pins to try to remove ear wax from the ear canal. Inserting anything in your ear canal “smaller than your elbow” can push excess ear wax up against the eardrum itself, creating a blockage. People with blocked ears can then make the problem worse by continuing to try and extract the obstruction with swabs, compacting it more and making it even more difficult to dislodge.

Hearing aids can also lead to the build up of ear wax over time, this cannot be helped. People who wear hearing aids or regularly use in-ear music buds may be at a higher risk of developing impacted ear wax.

If you are concerned your ears are blocked with ear wax call us at MicroClear Ears to make an appointment and we will check your ears and provide you with a management plan without cost to you.

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