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Microsuction is safe

The procedure is a specialised technique and is done by a qualified and experienced nurse practitioner. When performed properly, microsuction should be painless and completed in a few minutes. Some people report feeling a slight tickling sensation. If you have any discomfort during the procedure, you should let your practitioner know right away.

Micro-suction can be used for;

  • The removal of earwax
  • Clearing blocked ears
  • Maintenance for people wearing hearing aids
  • Clearing ear wax before hearing tests
  • Management of ear infections

You do not require a referral to book your appointment with MicroClear Ears.

How does Micro-suction work?

Step One

A small funnel is placed gently in your ear canal. The nurse practitioner uses this with binocular glasses fitted with a bright light or a microscope to see your ear canal up close.

A close shot of a medical professional placing a speculum in a patient's ear

Step Two

Ear suction may be used to remove earwax or objects from the ear canal. The nurse practitioner can see into the ear at all times making the treatment safe and effective.

Microsuction tube inside a speculum placed within a patient's ear

Step Three

Ear suction is carried out with a small sucker attached to a low-pressure machine that works like a gentle vacuum cleaner. The nurse practitioner may also use fine instruments (like tiny scoops) to help remove wax.

Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell inspecting a patients ear for wax and blockages

Are there any risks associated with Micro-suction ear wax removal?

Micro-suction and aural hygiene is considered a safe procedure when performed at a centre by a qualified and experienced practitioner.

During your procedure if we find any abnormal features of your canal or ear drum, we will ensure to inform you, and advise of the best course of treatment for your condition. This may include referral to a medical practitioner or ENT Specialist.

Why do ear health professionals prefer Microsuction?


Unlike methods such as ear syringing, Micro-suction does not use water making it a safe alternative for people with ear conditions where water syringing must not be used.


Micro-suction is preferred by medical professionals and patients alike as a safe & gentle way to remove a build up of ear wax. Some consider micro-suction more of a ticklish sensation!

Quick & Effective

Generally speaking, Micro-suction procedures take no longer than 30 minutes.

Ear wax removal for blocked ears using microsuction

We use microsuction to remove ear wax and to clear blocked ears caused by ear infections. We dont use water irrigation.  MicroClear Ears has three convenient locations across Adelaide (Somerton Park and Stepney) & Broken Hill.

No referral required