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Everything you need to know before your Microsuction Ear Wax Removal appointment

Learn more about Microsuction, and what you should do in preparation for your microsuction ear wax removal appointments.

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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell inspecting a patients ear for wax and blockages

What tools are used for Microsuction Earwax removal?

Here’s a spotlight on some of the tools that make this safe and effective procedure possible.

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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell examining the ear canal of a reclined patient

MicroClear Ears Holiday Closure Dates 2023

It's that time again! As the holiday season nears, please note that MicroClear Ears will be closed for the public holidays.

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MicroClear Ears are opening a new Somerton Park clinic!

New year, new clinic! As of January 9th, 2024 MicroClear Ears will be operating out of our brand new clinic in Somerton Park.

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Changes to Stepney Clinic Days 2023

Our clinic will now operate weekly on Fridays at Adelaide Health Co.

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MicroClear Ears Location in Adelaide

MicroClear Ears at this years Royal Adelaide Show 2022

Come see MicroClear Ears at Jubilee Pavillion to have your ears checked for wax!

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Royal Adelaide Show

New Broken Hill Location

MicroClear Ears looks forward to providing safe and gentle microsuction ear wax removal at Thrive Medical in Broken Hill.

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THRIVE Medical Centre in Broken Hill

Can Ear Candling clear ear wax?

Is Ear Candling all it's cracked up to be?

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A reclined person on their side with an offscreen hand placing a lit ear candle in their ear

Should you clean your ears?

When it comes to cleaning earwax out of your ears, you should be careful how you do it.

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A diagram of an ear being ruptured by a cotton bud to illustrate their dangers.

Hearing aids can cause ear wax issues

Everyone produces ear wax. It’s a healthy and important part of your auditory system, designed to help shift and remove dirt, dust, and...

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Close up of an ear with a small earring stud and a hearing aid

Why do my ears block up with wax?

Ear wax is not a sign of poor hygiene! Everyone makes ear wax, it is normal. The purpose of ear wax is...

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A woman with blonde hair putting a blue earplug in her ear

MicroClear Ears are cruising in style thanks to Fast Print Services

We are over the moon with our new car wrap! Thanks to Isaac at Fast Print Services there is no mistaking where we are now.

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The MicroClear Ears Car