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Micro-suction cleaning can be performed on adults, children and hearing aid wearers. Being water free, it is also a safe method for those who have had ear surgery or a history of ear infections.

No, although your Doctor or audiologist may recommend you come to the clinic for wax removal or cleaning of an ear infection. If there are we will write back to your GP or audiologist, or refer you to an Ear Nose and Throat specialist.

A trained Nurse Practitioner will examine your ear using high powered binocular glasses, then using a fine low pressure suction device, safely remove the blockage or buildup of earwax.

Micro-suctioning is a safe, effective, and gentle ear wax removal technique. This is the preferred method used by Ear, Nose, and Throat Specialists to clear ears. We do not use water.

This depends on the amount and type of wax. The procedure usually takes approximately 20 – 30 minutes, sometimes longer if there is a lot of wax. Very rarely more than one visit is needed to remove all of the wax, if this is the case you will not be charged for the second appointment.

No, it is a ticklish sensation, and the suction makes a slurpy noise in your ear. Ear suction can be noisy and you may feel some mild discomfort. Occasionally mild dizziness may be experienced for a few seconds. If this occurs, the nurse practitioner will stop the suction to allow the dizziness to settle.

Yes, we are able to perform microsuction ear wax removal procedures for children. However for the child’s safety, it’s important that they are able to follow instructions and remain still during the procedure. If we determine the child to be uncooperative, or too restless, the procedure may have to be stopped to ensure the child’s safety.

To book an appointment for your child, give us a call on 0475 422 813.

For more information on getting ready for your child’s microsuction appointment, read our blog post: Preparing your child for microsuction ear wax removal

You can get micro-suction ear cleaning done at MicroClear Ears by a qualified and experienced Nurse Practitioner.

Yes, MicroClear Ears are qualified to perform Micro-suction. The Nurse Practitioner has a Master’s Degree as an Endorsed Generalist Nurse Practitioner and has completed a Nationally Accredited Course in Micro-suction & Aural (Ear) Hygiene.

Our Nurse Practitioner is registered by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and operates within all of the regulatory regulations and guidelines.

No. We specialise in clearing wax, removing foreign bodies, clearing and treating ear infections, and providing education and advise on blocked ears.

If your practitioner believes the wax to be hard, very large or close to drum or you have narrow canals or dry skin blocking the ear, then a wax softener may be recommended. Follow the directions for two nights prior to the appointment.

If the wax looks runny or very soft, it is better not to use drops, as it smears back over the drum. If there is a history of perforated drums, do not use drops.

Your medicare reimbursement will be refunded to your account after your appointment. Micro-suction is not covered by Private Health funds.


Ear wax removal for blocked ears using microsuction

We use microsuction to remove ear wax and to clear blocked ears caused by ear infections. We dont use water irrigation.  MicroClear Ears has three convenient locations across Adelaide (Somerton Park and Stepney) & Broken Hill.

No referral required