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Nurse Practitioner Kathy Mitchell inspecting a patients ear for wax and blockages

Microsuction earwax removal is a safe and effective procedure, preferred by patients and practitioners alike, that gently removes excess ear wax and foreign bodies from the ear canal, often in less than an hour.

Blocked ears, as a result of ear wax build up, or an object trapped within the ear canal can cause pain and discomfort, interfering with your daily work and social activities. In some more serious cases, blocked ears can impact hearing or lead to an ear infection so it’s important to resolve these ailments quickly. That is why MicroClear Ears strives to provide timely appointments from any of our conveniently placed ear clinics at Somerton Park, and Stepney. We also provide a clinic in Broken Hill every 12 weeks.

Microsuction Ear wax removal is to be performed by a qualified practitioner. Unlike other ear cleaning methods, Microsuction earwax removal does not require the use of water within the ear canal. This makes it a better method of ear cleaning for those with ruptured ear drums, ear infections, or a history of ear surgery.

What things can be removed from the ear canal via microsuction?

  • Excessive ear wax
  • Dry skin
  • Foreign bodies
  • Infective debris

What to do before the appointment

Technically you don’t need to do anything before your microsuction procedure. MicroClear Ears will be able to help clear your ears of wax with microsuction with no additional preparation. However, it can be helpful to use ear wax softening drops for 2 nights prior to your appointment. This will soften the wax which can help clear the ear canal easier with the microsuction tubes.

A natural home remedy to help soften wax is olive oil. A few drops of room temperature olive oil in the ear can help break up hardened ear wax and hydrate the skin of the ear.

Using ear drops may not be suitable for everybody. People with a hole or perforation in the eardrum or ear grommets must not use ear drops or ear wax softeners. If in doubt, do not insert any liquid into your ears. Be sure to check with your doctor or a medical professional to see if using ear drops is right for you.

In summary, Microsuction is a gentle, water-free, and safe procedure used to remove excessive ear wax or foreign bodies from the ear canal. You don’t need to do anything in preparation for your microsuction ear appointment, but if suitable, you may choose to use ear drops to help soften the ear wax.

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The MicroClear Ears team looks forward to providing you with safe and gentle ear clearing services. We run regular ear clinics in Adelaide from Stepney and Somerton Park, and in Broken Hill every 12 weeks.

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